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Building Automation Systems

Building Automation Systems

Our innovative systems simplify facility management and reduce your energy costs

We are experts in creating building automation systems (BAS) that provide automatic, centralized control of multiple building systems, including HVAC, lighting, access control and video surveillance. We will also help you share critical building data with other enterprise-wide business systems.

  • Building Automation Systems allow you to: Save money by gaining energy dollar savings through Peak Demand Limiting, Start-Stop Schedules, Night Set Back, Night Set Up, Morning Warm Up, Morning Cool Down, Economizer Mode, and VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives)
  • Develop historical records on the operating characteristics of a building
  • Identify trends that can lead to better performance
  • Gain comprehensive alarm management in the event of a mechanical system malfunction

We provide groundbreaking control solutions, including web-accessible and Internet-based solutions, for commercial, institutional and industrial customers.