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Retrofit & Replacement

Retrofit & Replacement

Start-to-finish solutions for all renovation and retrofit projects

Whether you need to replace a 1,200 ton cooling tower on a high-rise rooftop over a weekend, re-engineer your ice storage needs, design/build a 40,000 SF sub-zero freezer, or just keep your office comfortable year-round, we have the knowledge and experience to provide the right solution every time!

Making system replacements and upgrades easier

As buildings age, it’s important to find a cost-effective way to replace their mechanical systems. We are skilled at replacing entire systems, including  HVAC, refrigeration, steam, hot water, ductwork, building automation, and various other systems.

System replacement can be difficult, but our experts make it easy on you by providing a single point of contact and taking total responsibility for system replacements and upgrades. Our solutions include system analysis, energy-efficient design-build and thermography.

To create a seamless replacement process, we provide our clients with capital budget planning, system analysis, energy-efficient design, expert project management, and even emergency replacements when needed.

Turn-key solutions for existing and occupied buildings

We select the best equipment for your specific needs and create computer simulations of installed costs and operating costs. Each design is then evaluated to determine the financial impact on your business. We work closely with you to provide valued engineering solutions for any budget.

We leverage logistics, off-site fabrication, detailing, BIM and our extensive network of partners to ensure project success and to exceed expectations.